Mass layoffs of Azerbaijanis in BP AZERBAIJAN COMPANY

Against the background of a prolonged decline in oil prices, even such a giant as BP, reduce their costs, intending to lay off up to 4 thousand employees in the segment of oil exploration and refining. The planned reduction will be 5% of the global BP staff (mainly on the company’s projects in Azerbaijan, Angola and the United States) and 20% of the total number of units in the North Sea – BP North Sea.
In Azerbaijan, these plans have already been implemented, and, most likely, reductions will continue. Last year alone, from BP-Azerbaijan 257 of our citizens have been dismissed. In general, 87% of employees of the company are citizens of Azerbaijan.

The head of the press service of BP-Azerbaijan Tamam Bayatli, expressing his opinion on the BP plans to cut jobs, he noted that the company’s management explains this necessity in the current environment to explore the various possibilities for improving competitiveness, including the elimination of irrelevant organizational complexity and increase production efficiency .
Projects implemented by BP in Azerbaijan, are long-term and very important, she said. “The company is committed to its obligations in the framework of projects and continue their execution. All projects are on track, and then they will be implemented in accordance with existing plans, “- he hopes to head of the press-service.
At the same time a lot of oil left without a job, and in such a large company as BP-Azerbaijan, there is no trade union organization, which would be able to defend their interests. In the early years of the BP offices in our country, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan (CPA) has been trying to organize it, but in vain. BP did everything to avoid this, they say, and so we have all the articles of the labor law has been steadily implemented.