Arrested businessman, “Eldar Mahmudov personally took my coffee shop” Chinar “

Imprisoned businessman Rauf Karimov claims that he was arrested by order of a criminal gang of former Minister of National Security Eldar Mahmudov. Businessman, through the media, appeals to the country’s leaders and law enforcement agencies, and requests to reconsider his case.

Rauf Karimov was the owner of Meredian Company, which controlled the shares of Bakı Mehmanxanası (Baku Hotel)

According to the indictment, a businessman, together with his companion Dzhavidanom Hajiyev Texnikabank issued in loans to 30 million manat in 2008.

Loans were taken on Faktum Ltd. name, Sağlam Rəqabət, Transalyans and İnter Alyans LTD.

The businessman does not agree with the charges and said that as collateral for loans, he left the hotel on the shares to 50 million manat. In addition, he has returned a substantial part of the loans.

According to Karimov, for his arrest is former head of the International Bank Jahangir Hajiyev, who acted together with Eldar Mahmudov.


Recall that after the special operation in the Ministry of National Security of Texnikabank, this bank was taken from Etibar Aliyev and placed under the control of the then head of the International Bank Jahangir Hajiyev.

“Jahangir Hajiyev years put pressure on me. Things reached the point that I was summoned to the Ministry of National Security, where blackmail and threats took million manat. In addition, Eldar Mahmudov personally took my coffee shop “Chinar”, – complains a businessman.