In France, two high school girls decided to go to the “jihad” in Syria

France wanted the two schoolgirls who have decided to go on a “jihad” in Syria. National Police distributed a photograph of girls 15 and 16 years.
“There are serious suspicions that they intend to leave France and go to Syria,” – say representatives of French law enforcement. The fact that the girl succumbed to radical Islamic ideology and even incited friends to do the same and told their classmates.
Without adults and documents the two schoolgirls, who grew up in France in a family of immigrants from the Middle East, is unlikely to leave the country has already notified all stations and airports. However, this is not an isolated case. The phenomenon of radicalization of views of Islam in France is gaining in magnitude. “Often it happens through the Internet. Obviously, the most susceptible to this the youth “, – experts in the field of combating terrorism.
The fact that the scale of the problem is really threatening, the following figures: according to the French authorities, nearly a thousand citizens of the republic have left the country and went to the “jihad” in Syria or Iraq, where he joined the terrorist groups, including the “Islamic state” (IG It is prohibited in the Russian Federation).

Of these, about 150 people were killed, about 600 French still in the “hot spots” in the Middle East, and about 250 people have returned to their homeland.