Security Service Ukrain is trying to destroy another independent journalist

Correspondents publication “Voice of Truth” through Special sections “Truth Report” received a letter with a request for help from a member of the International Federation of Journalists and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Kolobova Rita.

The letter states that our colleague – journalist Eugene Dovlatova – accused of separatism and put behind bars. The real reason – the preparation of a number of publications on high-faces.

The first material should have been released on the website edition of “Details”, and, as pointed out by Rita Kolobov, “its publicity later would put an end to the career” of officials.

To work on the investigation of Dovlatov started back in May 2015.

Kolobov claims that SBU strongly prevented the journalist and even tried to intimidate. And later one of them, Sergei Kryselovsky, beat Dovlatova:

“Doctors have recorded a journalist ragged incision wound brush and tendon rupture the ear membrane and open craniocerebral trauma. Eugene wrote to the police department statement about the attack on him. It has been ignored. ”

Despite this, in June 2015 the journalist continued investigation. It is noted that it concerned the distribution of narcotic drugs, which “fronting” dignitaries.

Dovlatova immediately detained:

“Soldiers of the special forces” Alpha “in full ammunition with weapons and masks, very clearly, lightning detained journalists, unsuspecting, and most importantly, do not even plotting any illegal act.”

Accompanied by two Dovlatova machines delivered in its removable flat:

“This shows the operation prepared in advance detention” inconvenient “journalist … Dovlatova decided to just neutralize and shut his mouth.”

Then it went on already spent on other activists and journalists scheme:

“To confiscate the keys to its removable housing, several members raised on his floor, open flat, undeterred by the lack of witnesses.”

In his apartment they found a grenade …. Without checks:

“The journalist was immediately presented to the suspected terrorist groups and the movement” People’s Parliament of Bessarabia. ”

At trial, Dovlatov proved their professionalism:

“Beaten, mutilated the suspect, who has not signed a confession of lying, not broken, more than that – he was a professional journalist. He managed to make the shooting c testimony of neighbors to throw a grenade into the room and entering Dovlatova servicemen to him. ”
When it became obvious falsification of the main piece of evidence, it was decided to simply destroy them. The failure of the accusations of separatism, 110 MCC Ukraine with Dovlatov was removed.

“The investigation starts a new business. Now the journalist was threatened with charges of attempted murder … “.

Member of the International Federation of Journalists and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Kolobov Rita asks everyone to pay attention to this case and to render maximum assistance in the release of Eugene Dovlatov


Fuad Aghayev