Media: the level of EU support in Sweden fell against the background of the migration crisis

СМИ: уровень поддержки ЕС в Швеции снизился на фоне миграционного кризиса

Swedes over the past six months have become much less to maintain the European Union. This is confirmed by data published by 18 April public opinion poll conducted by the sociological center of Sifo, transmits television channel SVT.

Only 39% of respondents said that EU membership is beneficial for Sweden. At the same time 21% of respondents believe that the kingdom has nothing to gain from participation in the union. At the same time the fall of 2015 the European Union level of support in the Kingdom was 59%.

“For a long time the public opinion of the Swedes towards the EU has been very positive, but now the trend has changed Residents listen to speeches of politicians, but in Sweden they criticize the EU for inaction during the migration crisis.” – Curled analyst at the Research Institute for European Policy Göran von Syudof .

Recall, on the referendum in 1994 for the Swedish EU membership voted 52.3% of the population, “against” – 46.8%, the turnout was 83.3%.
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