Government Azerbaycan blocking the site euro asia news in the territory of Azerbaycan

06 juli  2017 website Euro Asia News,  became inaccessible inside the country Azerbaijan.Reasons for blocking the site in the territory of Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani government blocked our site in the territory of Azerbaijan because we are publishing crimes which is committed and continuing commit by Azerbaijani government officials including Azerbaijani president and his criminal family against our own nation. Azerbaijan, there is no government.

Several of Azerbaijan’s primary independent news websites have been inaccessible for several days, apparent victims of the government’s escalating cyberwar against dissent.



The authorities of Azerbaijan have begun to take action against the site  from the publication of the investigation of a specific criminal relationship( Extortion,Corruption and Human
kidnapping) that may have a direct bearing on the family of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and his closest associates.

Click and read – 04 Aprel 2017 website Euro Asia News EAN became inaccessible inside the country Azerbaijan

Blocking websites is not the only way that the Azerbaijani authorities use to censor the media.This is not the first case of blocking websites in the Azerbaijani country.
In recent years, several critical journalists in Azerbaijan have been arrested and imprisoned.
Amnesty International stated that “cases of intimidation, harassment and physical violence are frequent in the country in connection with reports criticizing the authorities.”


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