Elshad Abdullayev and Akif Kerimov(France) plan to kill blogger in Switzerland

Fuad Agayev, who lives in Switzerland, is addressing this application to you.

The reason for this was the order of the Azerbaijani authorities to receive real threats of physical violence against me and my family ,members from the FSB agent Elshad Abdullayev, a citizen of the Russian Federation, and Akif Kerimov, a citizen of Kazakhstan living permanently in Paris. …

On this occasion, I have repeatedly addressed publicly in the media, on the pages of social networks, in my statements sent to the French and Swiss authorities, law enforcement agencies of these countries. However, no measures were taken against them.


Where on the basis of specific evidence and facts all the information about all the criminal actions of Elshad Abdullayev was set out in detail and Akif Kerimov (article attached) is associated with the special services of Russia and Azerbaijan

The address of Elshad Abdullayev who lives in Paris 15 RUE ANDRE CHENIER – 91540 MENNECY

After the publication of the article, namely on December 31 and February 3, 2020, I again received an audio recording of threats, where A. Kerimov directly states that he knows my home address, that he calls his criminal friends from Russia – Chechens, Dagestanis, who after February 10 2020, they will severely punish me and deal with my family (audio recordings are attached) if I do not delete my blog that I published a corruption fact about SOCAR and SOCAR Trading




In this connection, I ask for an urgent response. If something happens to my wife and children, then their blood will be on your conscience.





audio recording A.Kerimova,i can provide additional video and audio recordings of the killer to law enforcement only

With respect

Fuad Agayev